Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bishop Arichea's Pastoral Letter to All UMC Churches, Church Workers and Members in the West Middle PAC July 1, 2011 .

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Pinoy Metodista post on Facebook

To all church workers of the United Methodist Church: The pastoral statements that were recently issued are mere ploys to sow fear among you. Do not believe the same because only the church trial court can decide on that not the bishops, remember they are salaried by the american general conference and they are not even members of our... church here because they are members of the council of bishops.They are not even members of any church in the Philippines. They deserve civil disobedience, let us unite to refuse this kind of leadership, we are the church not them. The local church people are the ones buying lots and building church buildings and the bishops dont even lift fingers to help us. We will be the ones to decide on these issues not the bishops. Let us read the statement of Rev. Nathaniel Manuel which was posted in this site also. GOD bless our cause.-Atty JFZ (from Jesus Knights)

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